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Applied Geography

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Guidance from AQA;

Candidates will develop the use and application of a variety of geographical skills. These should broaden and deepen existing knowledge of skills which should be employed with a greater degree of independence. A statement of the required skills under the different categories is given in the Skills Checklist . These skills are to be taught as an integral part of Unit 1 Physical and Human Geography (both the compulsory and optional topics) and not as a separate unit. Thus, they are applied appropriately to the content and perceived as such by the candidates.


The exam will assess the ability of candidates to apply their knowledge and skills to unseen information/resources and with reference to fieldwork. A range of skills taken from at least three of the six categories – basic, investigative, ICT, graphical, cartographical and statistical will be examined in each exam series. Investigative skills, and consequently the assessment of fieldwork, will always be tested in this paper. Candidates will therefore need to take part in personal investigative work in the field to ensure familiarity with these.

Question 1 will be set on one of the two compulsory core sections of the physical and human geography from unit 1. This first part of the paper will be based on a variety of resources relating to the topic selected. Question two will relate specifically to candidates’ own fieldwork and investigative research skills. The fieldwork undertaken by candidates can relate to any part of the content of Unit 1.

Candidates will need to develop a variety of basic, investigative, cartographic, graphical, applied ICT and statistical skills. They will need to develop a critical awareness of the appropriateness and limitations of different skills and resources. The level of accuracy, sophistication and detail are all expected to be greater at AS than at GCSE, and similarly between AS and A2.