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Unit 4 Resources

2011 - 12 resources - Ingram

Rivers resources
Ingram valley data sheet

View A level Breamish map in a larger map
Help sheets for writing up your enquiry
1. Take a look at the
Ingram valley data sheetsIn particular look at the bed load data and cross section data
2. Think of 2 hypotheses that you could test about both the bed load data and velocity data.  For example - "There is a significant relationship between the cross section of the river and the pattern of velocity within that channel."
3. Produce a graphical or statistical resources that helps you to analyse your hypothesis.  If you need help use the help guide videos below.
4.  Fully analyse your resource - what does it show? Why does it show this and how does it link to the geography you have studied? Are there any anomalous (unusual) results and why?
5. Respond to your hypothesis

  Images to help with the Theory  
The Bradshaw model of downstream changes in river characteristics

How velocity should appear in a uniform channel
How velocity should appear in a meander
Zingg Board for comparing stones -

Spheres are mainly found in downstream areas

Discs are mainly found  in midstream areas

Rollers (rods) and Blades are mainly found in upstream areas
Stone board for measuring the sharpest point of as stone - needed for Cailleux Index of roundness
How to;
Create cross sections Add isovels to a cross section Do Spearman's Rank Do dispersion graphs Calculate interquartile range
Create cross sections

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Add isovels to a cross section

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Add correlation data for Spearman's Rank
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Do dispersion graphs
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Calculate Inter quartile range

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