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Plate tectonics and associated hazards

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Plate movement

The Structure of the Earth - Plate tectonics

Evidence for plate tectonics theory

Destructive, constructive and conservative plate margins - processes and associated landforms

Hot spots and supervolcanoes


Variations in the type and frequency of volcanic activity

Minor forms of extrusive activity

Major forms of extrusive activity

Intrusive landforms

MEDC - Eyjafjallajökull Volcano case study

LEDC - Chaitén Case study       


- Lake Nyos - a gas eruption (LEDC)

- Montserrat - pyroclastic flows and lahars (LEDC)


The causes and main characteristics of earthquakes


LEDC case study - Haïti

MEDC case study - Tōhoku

Extra case studies

Christchurch and Canterbury 2011

Nepal 2015


Predicting and monitoring Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Britain's seismicity and volcanicity


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