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Physical Geography (UNIT 1) Revision Resources

Landforms revision document     Case study revision guide HIGHER    Case Study Guide FOUNDATION

NEW for 2014-15 - Physical geography case study guide with sand dunes case study - Mr G's students USE THIS ONE

Big picture sheets - complete to revise! 
Restless Earth        Coastal Zone          Water on the land

Play some arcade games - Restless Earth     Rivers 1     Rivers 2      Coasts


Key word revision with Quizlet

River Management
      Hydrographs     River Processes     Drainage Basins    River Long Profiles    Hydrograph features   Rivers Images   Rivers Vocabulary       Water management
CASE STUDIES - Morpeth Floods    Bangladesh floods   NE water management
Coastal Management     Coastal Erosion   Coastal Processes & Landforms    Waves     Sea level rise  Coastal habitats

CASE STUDIES - Coastal flooding    Holderness coast    Seaton Sluice Sand dunes
Volcanoes & Earthquakes    Tectonics key terms  Hazard Management    Earthquakes   Supervolcanoes   Volcanic Hazards    Fold Mountains
  CASE STUDIES - Kobe     Haiti   Pinatubo   2004 tsunami    Andes
Hot potatoes revision

Cliffs      Spits      Stacks   Coastal Processes 1     Coastal Processes 2

Earthquake key terms    Kobe quiz    Fold mountains 

Human Causes of Flooding    Physical causes of Flooding    Hydrographs   Meanders   River Processes  
Long Profiles   Drainage basins    Waterfalls
Audio files - download and listen to Mr G mumble away on your Ipod
The Restless Earth
Water on the Land
The Coastal Zone

1. Plate tectonics                      MP3
2. Plate Types                         MP3
3. Plate Margins                       MP3
4. Plate Boundaries and Landforms   MP3
5. The Andes Mountains              MP3
6. Mount Pinatubo                     MP3
7. Super volcanoes                    MP3
8. Super volcanoes Formation         MP3
9. Yellowstone Super volcano         MP3
10. Earthquakes                  MP3
11. Kobe                              MP3
12. Haiti                              MP3
13. Tsunami                           MP3

OLD LEDC case study - Sichuan                           MP3

1. River processes        MP3
2. Long profiles          MP3
3. Waterfalls            MP3
4. Meanders             MP3
5. Hydrographs          MP3
6. Flooding              MP3
7. Managing flooding    MP3
8.Morpeth floods        MP3
9. Bangladesh floods    MP3
10.  Kielder water       MP3

1. Waves                       MP3
2. Coastal Factors           MP3
3. Coastal Processes        MP3
4. Stacks                      MP3
5. Coves                       MP3
6. Bays and headlands     MP3
7. Cliffs                       MP3
8. Spits                        MP3
9. Sea level Rise             MP3
10. UK sea level rise       MP3
11. Cliff collapse            MP3
12.  Managing coastlines   MP3
13.  Holderness              MP3
14.  Coastal Habitats      MP3

Complete the Prezi Concept maps above