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Year 8 - Natural Resources Homework

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Starters  - Something basic 20 minutes each

1.     Complete homework sheet 4D on Natural resources
2.     Draw a Mind map to show how you depend upon fossil fuels - use and complete this template to help
3.     Research one argument against global warming
4.     Make a detailed list of the natural resources found in your house and then classify them as essential and luxury.

Main dishes – writing and numbers! 45 minutes each

5.     MID UNIT ASSESSMENT – write a persuasive letter to the PM about fossil fuel use.  You should either push the case for our continued use of fossil fuels OR make the case against and promote renewable energy instead - You can access the task sheet here
6.     Write a response to: “Do you believe in Global Warming?”  You response should be balanced and give EVIDENCE as to why you hold your views.
7.     Complete the pie chart exercise on energy production in the UK - Excel versionWord version
8.     Complete the pie chart exercise on how we USE energy in the UK - Excel version, Word version

Desserts – Something creative 30 minutes each

9.     IMAGINE that the UK can no longer produce electricity.  Today is the first day of these new times.  Write a diary extract to cover a day in which the electricity supply in Great Britain fails.  How would it feel and how would it affect the things that you do in your life?  there is a basic diary template here
10.   Draw a global warming cartoon - write an explanation to go with the cartoon. Here is an example used in class to help you with this.

Today’s Special – Homework Levelled assessment – over 1 hour

Produce a written response to “should we build new nuclear power stations in the UK?”



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