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Year 8 - Africa - Homework

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Starters  - Something basic 20 minutes each

1.       Find out 5 Geographic facts about Africa and write them down, including the SOURCE of the information
2.       Try the Africa Atlas work exercise to practise your Longitude and latitude
3.       Research a country of Africa - Help sheet

Main dishes – writing and numbers! 45 minutes each

4.       Describe and explain the population distribution in Algeria
5.       Make and analyse a climate graph for Addis Ababa - Help sheet
6.       Research the problem of Desertification
7.       Try an exercise on what has happened to Infant Mortality in Africa over time - Task sheet

Desserts – Something creative at least 30 minutes each

8.       Make a plant and an animal to survive in different biomes and climate areas of Africa - Task sheet
9.       Make up a get the picture for the terms Africa, Tropical Rainforest, Sudan, River Congo
10.   Create an Africa quiz for revision (with answers) – you could use
11.   Write an Acrostic poem about the geography of Africa using the word Africa (each letter can be single words or a sentence) - see my example
12.   Create a Political cartoon about an issue affecting the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Today’s Special – Homework Levelled assessment – over 1 hour

Create a model map of AFRICA showing its key physical geography (mountains, deserts and rivers etc.) and cities.  This could even be 3D! (LONG ACTIVITY!)



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