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Year 8 - Ecosystems Homework

Ecosystems Homework Menu

Starters  - Something basic 20 minutes each

1.      Research one of the ecosystems you have seen on the Planet Earth DVD that caught your imagination - this sheet will focus your research
2.     Find out about 3 current threats to Tropical Rainforest ecosystems
3.     Create a Wordle or Tagxedo resource (example here and below) for the key vocabulary we have used so far in this unit – print it and bring it to class

Word cloud
4.     Make a Quizlet set to help you to revise for this unit

Main dishes – writing and numbers! 45 minutes each

5.  Write up in full the Mystery question – “Who killed Chico Mendes”, using evidence from the slips, There is a  writing frame you can use here
6.  Annotate some photographs of a British woodland to show its key characteristics - find your own or use these
7.  Describe and explain the distribution of Deciduous forests - Mapping exercise
8.   Complete this exercise graphing the destruction of the Tropical rainforests - you can also complete this on a Word document

Desserts – Something creative 30 minutes each

9.  Create an animal to survive in the British Isles – include a wide range of its characteristics and say why it would need them.  Help sheet is here
10.  Draw a cartoon depicting the threats/plight of any ecosystem you have studied - you can look at an example here
11.  Draw a food web for Jesmond Dene, or your back garden or the back garden of someone you know.
12.  Levelled assessment – a full field study into the Wagon Way – is the wagon way an important ecological corridor?
13.  Interpret these satellite images, what do they show?

Rondonia Tropical Rainforest Destruction

Today’s Special – Homework Levelled assessment – over 1 hour

14.  Levelled assessment – create and justify a PLANT and ANIMAL to survive in Greenland where the Ice has just melted and left land to colonise. Task sheet and background information





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