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Year 8 - IPHomework

Impossible Places  Homework Menu

Starters  - Something basic 20 minutes each

1.     Find out about 1 other Impossible place from the video we watched in class.  Write some research notes about it.
2.     Find out and write down 5 facts about the history of Las Vegas
3.     Carry out some extra research into the labour and human rights issues in Dubai.

Main dishes – writing and numbers! 45 minutes each

4.  Write a diary entry using information from the Human Planet DVD on what it would be like to live in the Arctic - Diary template
5. MID UNIT ASSESSMENT - you will also be given time in class for this task. Write a full account about; “The Skywalk – a step too far” including both sides of the argument AND your opinion. Writing Frame for this task here.  The task sheet is here which also has the level descriptors for how you will be assessed on.
6. Is the growth of Las Vegas Sustainable? Answer this question in an essay. Task sheet here
7. Draw a climate graph for Yellowknife, Canada - why is this an impossible place?  Excel file, Home work task sheet

8. Produce a piece of creative writing, for example a poem, exploring the lives of the Asian construction workers. Read the BBC News article to learn more about the labour issues.

Desserts – Something creative 30 minutes each

9. Complete a Clone Town survey sheet for your local town’s shopping street/centre
10. Create an image/picture/collage of your garden that you have xeriscaped - Help sheets are here!
11. Create a comic strip about living in an impossible place
12. Design/invent an item that will help people survive in either the Arctic or the deserts around Las Vegas.  Draw your item and annotate it to explain its key features

Today’s Special – Homework Levelled assessment – over 1 hour

Create a PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, movie maker film about an Impossible or Forbidden place of your choice.   Include its location, why it is forbidden, what you would need to visit it and images of the place - Impossible and forbidden places homework PowerPoint instructions, Lists of impossible and forbidden places you could research



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