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Year 9 - Risky Earth - Randall Mystery

Watch this video and record all of the text in BLUE

Activity - try to deduce using all of the information an detailed explanation to;

"Why does Randall die?"

Demonstrate your understanding - you now need to write up your response.  To do so you will need to open a blank Word document and put the title question at the top.  You can then use all of the information on the slips and the connective words found at this link to write up a full response. 

If you might struggle to structure your response you can take a look at and use the writing frame below;

I have been given the task to......
The first reason I think Randall died is...... The evidence I have for this is.......This shows that.....
The second reason for Randall dying is......In fact, slip number X shows that......
In conclusion, I have shown that.....

Extension - Add the slips to the Venn diagram below;



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