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Weather and Climate and Associated Hazards

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Major climate controls
Background to Weather and climate

Weather and climates basics

The Heat Budget & Insolation

Layers of the atmosphere

The Tri-cellular model
The climate of the British Isles

Basic climatic characteristics: temperature, precipitation and wind.

Air masses affecting the British Isles.

Origin and nature of depressions. Weather changes associated with the passage of a depression.

Origin and nature of anticyclones. Associated weather conditions in winter and summer.

The climate of  one tropical region (tropical wet/dry savannah or monsoon or equatorial)

Basic climatic characteristics: temperature, precipitation and wind.

Monsoon Climates

Tropical revolving storms.

Hurricane Katrina

Cyclone Nargis


Climate on a local scale: urban climates Urban microclimates information pages

Air quality

Collective writing task
Global climate change

Evidence for climatic change over the last 20,000 years.

Global warming possible causes. Possible effects: on a global scale, on the chosen tropical region (above) and on the British Isles.

Responses to global warming: international, national and local.


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